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landscape architecture, art, urban design


April 18 2023

Hamilton Civic Museums, “Climate Change and Conservation”.

Lynda Lukasik and Lesia Mokrycke discuss climate change and natural heritage in honour of Earth Day. April 18th, 7pm


Jan 25 2023

McMaster University, “Building Conservation Networks”.

Guest speaker, Lesia Mokrycke; Dept. of History. January 25, 2023


Dec 8 2022

Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, Lesia Mokrycke, CSLA Congress 2022, Inspiration

CSLA, “Building Conservation Networks”.

Presented by Lesia Mokrycke at the 2022 CSLA Congress


Nov 4 2022

McMaster University, “Building Conservation Networks”.

Guest speaker, Lesia Mokrycke; Dept. of History. Nov 4, 2022.


June 4 2022

ILC International Summit, Bridging Scales and Disciplines; New Methods of Practice.

Panelist: Lesia Mokrycke; Moderated by Sonja Vangjeli, ILC. University of Toronto, Daniels Faculty of Architecture.


Oct 25 2022

CFMU, Lesia's Interview with

Environmental Urbanist

Live October 25, 2022, with host Jason Allen


July 18 2022

TVO, ‘Beautiful, monumental, and magnificent’: Meet Hamilton’s oldest trees”.

Published July 18, 2022, by Justin Chandler.


May 9 2022

Hamilton Naturalist's Club, “Building Conservation Networks”.

Presented by Lesia Mokrycke at the Royal Botanical Gardens on May 9, 2022.



Monument Tree Tour, "Meet Hamilton's Tree Stewards."

Presented by Downtown AM Rotary Club of Hamilton, Lesia Mokrycke & Charlie Briggs, Royal Botanical Gardens. Summer 2022.

Learn More


May 13 2022

Natural Heritage Committee, “Building Conservation Networks”.

Delegated to Council on May 13, 2022. Hamilton City Hall.


Spring 2022

Our Forest, “Monument Trees”, by Lesia Mokrycke.

Published in Vol. 62 No. 2, Spring, 2022, pp. 6. Edited by Peter Kuitenbrouwer.


Feb 12 2022

Downtown Sparrow, “What Coexisting with Urban Trees Can Teach Us About Our City”. 

Published Feb 12, 2022, by Lesia Mokrycke. Edited by From the Nest.


Oct 31 2021

Lesia Mokrycke, CBC, Kathy Renwald

CBC Hamilton, “Meet the Woman Searching for the Oldest Trees in Hamilton”.

Published October 31, 2021, by Kathy Renwald.

Welcome to Topos' DIY gallery and virtual exhibition space. The purpose of Tropos' shop is to make contemporary Canadian art and design accessible to the public. We believe in partnering with arts professionals who have a positive impact on society and the environment.



Hamilton Civic Museums:

Monument Trees

Explore HMC's virtual exhibition to see Monument Trees growing on Hamilton's heritage landscapes. This contemporary photography exhibition explores social practice through the lens of cultural landscapes, posing questions about ecological approaches to city building. 

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