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landscape architecture, art, urban design

We make spaces that impact the way people feel to enhance how we connect with others. Our research into living systems informs our approach to urban restoration, with a focus on developing strategies that enhance climate resilience.


Get in touch for an initial consultation and for information about our design process.

Urban Strategies

& Ecological Design

  • Visioning and communication

  • Master planning

  • Urban design frameworks

  • Climate change systems design

  • Regional planning research

  • Urban forest research

Landscape Architecture

  • Built landscapes

  • Parks, trails, recreation

  • Urban plazas and streetscapes

  • Stormwater management

  • Green infrastructure design

  • Stream and wetland restoration

  • Sediment and erosion control

  • Wildlife habitat enhancement

  • Playscapes


Public Art &

Social Practice

  • Built public artworks

  • Creative engagement

  • Community programs

  • Public consultation

  • Events and exhibitions

  • Memorials


Environmental Installation

  • Interactive artworks

  • Temporary installations

  • Sound and videoworks

  • Environmental art

  • Sculptural interventions

  • Site-specific artworks

  • Earthworks

Contemporary Gardens

  • Native plant restoration

  • Artistic residential landscape design

  • Stormwater management

  • Green infrastructure design

  • Consultation for native plant selection

  • Contemporary installation projects

  • Support with permiting


  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Photoworks

  • Sculpture

  • Pavilions

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meaning to “turn,” “reaction, response," "change,";

"troposphere", the lowest layer of the atmosphere


Initial meeting

The design process is discussed and agreed upon with the client at the initial meeting. The first site visit allows us to get a sense of the space and develop a client brief based on your specific needs and requirements.


Conceptual proposals

Based on the brief developed after the initial meeting, a conceptual design proposal is prepared for discussion. Conceptual proposals include a landscape plan and 3D sketches, along with the plant and material color boards.


Detailed proposals

Once the initial design has been agreed upon, it is then developed further by adding another layer of detail to the design. Drawings are developed to share with the landscape contractors and prepare a cost estimate.



The construction package is prepared during the Tender stage of the project.



Monitoring and managing the project during the construction phase.


Completion and Aftercare

Once the project is complete and reviewed with the client, initial and after care advice is available for an agreed period of time.

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