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art, landscape architecture, urban design


Tropos is a think tank. Our approach to designing place brings art and science together to create integrated works of landscape architecture, art, and urban design that restore the environment. We work through the mediums of art and landscape at a range of scales to connect people with nature and enhance the design of the city.


Lesia Mokrycke is a landscape artist and designer. As the founder of Tropos, she works collaboratively across disciplines to lead design projects that address environmental issues. She is known for her creative, conceptual, and contemplative approach to art and landscape architecture. Her work focuses on shaping terrain to create spaces that engage with human experience, atmosphere, and nature.


We work generatively across sectors to advance landscape thinking in the built environment in a non-traditional way. Design emerges from our work as artists to inform strategies for ecological restoration and urban design at larger scales, often producing new and unexpected results.


meaning to “turn,” “reaction, response," "change,";

"troposphere", the lowest layer of the atmosphere

Marta Hewson, photography, portraits, model shoots

Our Partners, Collaborators & Affiliations

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