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The DIRT: July 2023

Updated: Sep 6, 2023



Canada Turns 156

Canada Day is a celebration of both culture and the land we're on; we have the Maple Leaf on our flag as a symbol of peace and hope. It's also a symbol of how important the land is to the identity of Canada.

In Pelham, Ontario grows a tree called the Comfort Maple, and it's believed to be Canada's oldest Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) at around 540 years old! The tree is officially designated as a heritage tree. It is a rare time capsule and has been an anchor to the community and to Canada's identity for half a millennium.

Did you know that the cultivation of maple syrup is an ancient custom shared with newcomers by members of our Indigenous community?


🌳 Monument Tree Database: July 2023

30 New Trees Documented as of July 1st 2023

Even though Canada is turning 156, there are a number of Monument Trees which have existed for 200+ years, making them older than Canada's confederation! These trees are vital to enhancing biodiversity and reducing impacts of climate change. They are a reminder that people and nature must coexist in order to have a thriving, diverse Canadian landscape.

We are in the early stages of analyzing the data we are collecting on Hamilton's ancient Urban Forest. One big take away is that OAK species make up 51% of Monument Trees in our region.

In Hamilton, these old Oaks can be found in many urban areas. Last week, our team visited Glow Park to document several Oak species growing together at different stages in their life cycle, including Bur Oak (Quercus macrocarpa) and Red Oak (Quercus rubra).

Maintaining mature trees as a part of our urban fabric is vital to creating a sense of connection to nature, and strengthening a community's identity. Do you have a favourite tree? Maybe it's a tree you walk past on your way to work, or a tree that you have grown up with. Next time you stroll around your neighborhood, try to count the number of trees you can spot. Are any of these Monument Trees? You may be surprised by how many you see.

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