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The DIRT: Sept 2023



Hamilton's Natural and Cultural Heritage

Education fosters a sense of responsibility and stewardship, inspiring future generations to protect and preserve the natural world. In partnership with Hamilton Civic Museums, our Monument Trees online exhibition celebrates Hamilton's old growth forest and the importance these ecosystems play in the city's natural and cultural heritage.

Monument Trees features a variety of multimedia content, including photo-works, video, and an interactive map of Monument Trees on heritage properties in Hamilton.

The exhibition is also a valuable tool for research. The information that is presented in the exhibition is helping inform the development of policies surrounding heritage trees in Hamilton. Through our research, we are laying the groundwork to better understand Hamilton's old growth forests.


Monument Trees Exhibition II opening this Fall

This fall's upcoming exhibition features four new heritage sites that illustrate Hamilton's natural systems. This series of works focus on patterns that arise through the interplay of urban water systems, terrestrial ecosystems, history, and human activity. Next time you visit a park in Hamilton, see if you notice subtle patterns in the landscape. They may be telling a bigger story!

Stay tuned for teaching forests that act as nurseries for endangered tree species, lost ships and their guardians, the story of water in Hamilton, a great path, and the ghosts of grandview.

This fall, we invite you to embark on this journey through Monument Trees with us. Celebrate the past, embrace the present, and come together in safeguarding the future of Hamilton's ancient forest.

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