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landscape architecture, art, urban design

Lesia Mokrycke is a contemporary Canadian artist whose work explores relationships with nature, time, and memory. Her drawings, paintings, new media, and sculptural works include a variety of themes including life, death, the body, and reflections on collective experience. Her sound works and video projects are described as large-scale projections in architectural spaces and underscore her work with the landscape at larger scales.

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"I use drawing as an exploratory tool to get to know a place and to see it in a new way."

Lesia Mokrycke, on Drawing in Practice

Lesia Mokrycke has long investigated the meanings of symbols and nature as part of her multidisciplinary, research-based practice. Known for her landscape interventions that integrate water, earth, and stone, Mokrycke works across sculpture, painting, photography, collage drawing, and installation. Drawing has always been the foundation of Mokrycke's practice both as an artist and in landscape architecture. Central to Mokrycke’s interdisciplinary practice are her investigations of the transient nature of temporal landscapes.

Mokrycke’s Halls Island works are the subject of this online exhibition, which features eight exploratory drawings from her recent artist residency in August 2022, along with studies for a video work titled The Space of a Day. Among the works on view are Study of an Island, a pen and ink drawing that describes an uninhabited island; Red Pines, for which a series of red pines are featured growing in a community; and South Shore, a charcoal drawing capturing the geography of the region.

Of the many layers embedded in the landscapes in this show, Mokrycke says, “The drawings in this series trace my experience of moving through the landscape as a way of deepening my understanding of the ecology of this unique and beautiful place. I want people to see the landscapes as I see them and I try to, without being didactic, allow them to see these spaces as layered and distinct or to find their own meaning within them."

"Drawing has a long history in the scientific community, but the way we draw also determines how we see a place, or a tree, and inevitably shapes the way we interact with it."

Lesia Mokrycke, on Drawing in Practice

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The Island

Nov 14th - Ongoing

Collage 01

Collage 01

"As contemporary works, drawing in my practice opens up new ideas, forges relationships, and lays the foundation for the creation of new interdisciplinary media and large-scale projects."

Lesia Mokrycke, on Drawing in Practice

Halls Island, graphite; 16"x20"+, 2022

Study of an Island, charcoal; 16"x20"+, 2022

North Shore, pen and ink; 16"x20"+, 2022

North Forest, charcoal; 16"x20"+, 2022

Halls Island Ecology, charcoal; 16"x20"+, 2022

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