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landscape architecture, art, urban design



Soliloquy, Trepidation, Solace

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Museum Building; Philadelphia, PA

Soliloquy is a multimedia painting, sculpture, and installation work that explores belonging and home. Through a worked application of text, plaster, paint and wax, the installation calls attention to interiority and self, feelings of invisibility, and the single body within the larger condition of the urban environment. The regular "grid" pattern in each painting is created from the imprint of these pages, and evoke the city. This ‘reading the city’ operates as intermediary ground between the figure and the urban environment, calling to mind a sense of loss of identity and disorientation that accompanies displacement. A monologue written down the front of the single figure in Soliloquy alludes to speech that is silent or a monologue that is untranslatable.

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