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landscape architecture, art, urban design

The works displayed here are protected under Canadian and international copyright law and may not be downloaded, reproduced, distributed or otherwise used except for personal, non‐commercial purposes, without the express written consent of Lesia Mokrycke [Artist].

Lesia Mokrycke [Artist] possesses the exclusive right to produce, reproduce, publish, perform, exhibit, transmit or retransmit the work by telecommunication, create derivative works, sell, rent, offer for sale or rent, offer services, licence, exhibit by way of trade, or distribute the work in whole or in part. It is unlawful to exercise any of the above rights or to alter or modify the Work [including schematic development] without the prior written consent of the Artist. Anyone violating the Artist’s rights may be subject to legal action or criminal prosecution.



CARFAC was instrumental in the creation of artist-centered copyright legislation. In 1988 CARFAC's lobbying with other similar arts organizations resulted in an amendment to the Canadian Copyright Act (R.S., 1985, c. C-42). The amendment recognized artists as the primary producers of culture and gave artists legal entitlement to exhibition and other fees. The Canadian Artists' Representation Copyright Collective (CARCC) is a subsidiary organization of CARFAC and serves as a copyright collective to license and administer copyright for visual and media artists in Canada.

The following Copyright statement is developed and defined by CARFAC (Canadian Artists' Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens), a non-profit corporation that serves as the national voice of Canada's professional visual artists.

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