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landscape architecture, art, urban design

About  –


TROPOS is an interdisciplinary urban design, landscape architecture, and art practice based in Canada. The studio’s creative work is driven by a commitment to research and innovation, and inspired by the forms and processes that shape the Canadian landscape.


Tropos, meaning to turn, or to change, is built on the understanding that time and movement are essential parts of the design process and that change is a key part of the way we experience the world. Grounded in an in-depth understanding of the principles of art, our approach brings art and science together to create integrated works of urban design, landscape architecture, and creative projects that restore the environment.

Over the years Lesia's work has ranged from performative artworks, large-scale earthworks, environmental installations, public art memorials, new media works, and research-driven engagement projects – always with a keen eye to build new relationships with science, the humanities, and ecology in the urban landscape.

Design & Engagement –


We believe that landscape architecture can serve as a base to bring multiple fields, stakeholders, and people together with living systems. A practice of establishing a framework that is flexible allows for change and informs the design strategy for each project at a range of scales. The studio’s creative and collaborative approach to design leadership creates opportunities for multiple partners to enter into the work as collaborators.

Our focus on environmental art and creative engagement uses art to raise awareness about ecology and issues of climate while fostering new and innovative approaches to conservation. Our current work protecting old-growth trees in urban centers is dovetailing with the local municipality’s efforts to enhance the urban forest.

The studio's research into green infrastructure includes living systems and urban restoration, with a particular focus on developing strategies that enhance climate resilience in urban centers.

Art. Engagement.

Landscape Architecture.

Design is a problem-solving exercise. Tropos operates as a think tank. Design emerges from our work as artists to inform strategies for ecological restoration and urban design at larger scales, often producing new and unexpected results. 

Understanding Copyright in Canada

The title Landscape Architect is legally protected. Licensing requires an individual to hold a degree in Landscape Architecture from an accredited University and work for a minimum of two years under a Landscape Architect.

Landscape Architects are required to pass four L.A.R.E exams and meet continuing education requirements every two years. We are experts in landscape design and work on projects ranging from residential design to large-scale city planning and complex ecological design projects.

The goal of licensure is to protect public and environmental well-being.

What is a Landscape Architect?

Landscape architects are licensed professionals that shape the built environment

Our profession involves the design of streetscapes, parks and playgrounds, created wetlands and restored river systems, transit solutions and urban strategies, private backyards, and planning for urban communities and cities.

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