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landscape architecture, art, urban design

Public Art


The Dream Canoe

Haliburton, ON

A cross section of landscapes - spruce, wetland, maple forest and Canadian shield - inspired by The Dream Canoe, 1920:

Beneath unchaning opal skies,
An island once I found,
‘Mid ever dancing sun-kissed waves,
Where fadeless flow’rs abound;
Old Father Time’s a stranger there,
The dawn is ever new,
But only they can find the way
Who sail the dream canoe.
Then come, my love, and sail with me
Upon the waves of Sleep,
This island of rose-clad bow’rs to find,
Where shadows never creep;
And waking there, we’ll never know
What Time’s rough hand can do,
And live, love crown’d, on the isle we’ve found,
In a dream canoe for two.

- Charles Roff & W.H Squire; found on-site

Photos by Sarah Bell

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