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landscape architecture, art, urban design



Single-channel video installation and soundpiece


Toronto, ON

Oneiros moves from the landscapes of conscious daily life to the dreamlike landscape of the interior and the subconscious. The interior of a building can be considered private space, but in this work it more intimately refers to the private space of thought and the interior of the individual. This installation space includes a circular wall of black fabric, a video projection, and a sound piece.

As visitors enter the basement exhibition space the atmosphere deepens to reflect the shadowy resonances of the city at night. Noises that hum, echo, thud and reverberate are evocative of the body and a dreamlike state. This work explores sound and color within the context of the internal, imagined landscape of the city. Images collected from urban life create a dialogue between public space and the private interior. Thematically, Oneiros juxtaposes individual memory and sensory information with collective experience in urban landscapes.

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